RKO Enterprises designs and manufactures Foam Supply and/or Attack Trailers, Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles for Emergency Services use at Petro-Chemical Plants, Airports, Power Plants, Fuel Storage Facilities, Distilleries, and more. These units can be designed and manufactured in a very wide multitude of configurations in order to handle different emergency situations. They can re- supply other attack apparatus with foam concentrate, provide quick knockdown of class “A” or “B” fires, can be independent of water supplies, or totally dependent on water supplies. And More. Fires that can take days to extinguish can be quickly rendered harmless with a properly sized and designed RKO Foam Attack Unit.

As with all of the apparatus that we design and build, our Foam Supply – Attack Units are in a class of their own. We fabricate and assemble each unit in our facilities custom to the end- users’ needs. This gives us complete quality control through the entire project.

The products in this area include units from 50 to 3000 gallons. Water Storage, Foam Concentrate Storage, Concentrate Transfer Pumps, Fire Pumps, Twin Agent Systems, Monitors of any size/ type, Foam Injection, and much more. All configured and installed utilizing the skill and experience you can only get at RKO.

The Design of your Custom RKO Foam Apparatus can be simplified by using our simple fill- in- the- blank Foam Unit Design Guide. This guide is sent to you by request, and it is then faxed back to us. We then use your information to write a formal specification, price, and lead time on your Custom Foam Apparatus. And a word about lead times… we will not give a unrealistic lead time… your unit will be delivered on or before the date originally given by us.

​The Design – Form – and Finish on each RKO Foam Supply – Attack Unit is superb, and you will not find another manufacturer that can equal our attention to detail and technical expertise in fabrication of this type of Emergency Equipment. And that is why RKO Apparatus is very unique.

Standard and custom units available

​Check out our standard units section to customize your unit with our exclusive  Foam Trailer Design Guide Guide .